From the Archives: Does reading matter?

This month, I’m reminded by the ongoing turmoil in the world of a discussion post I wrote seven years ago. I can’t remember what it was that was happening then, but it made me feel as though reading (and my mostly bookish blog) could be considered trivial in comparison. Writing out my thoughts about this helped me restore my faith in the power of reading. It’s not just escapism for me, although escape is sometimes the best response, when one is threatened.

Click here to read my original post from May 5, 2015, which began, “Today, with the ongoing barrage of terrible news of every kind from far and near, I scrapped my planned discussion post to address this burning question. Why, with all the other worthy causes that could claim my time and attention, do I spend time on reading, and on writing about reading? …”

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From the Archives: The Magician’s Book

Linking up with The Chocolate Lady’s Throwback Thursday meme, I’m sharing a favorite post from The Emerald City Book Review.

This month, since I’m so enjoying #Narniathon21, I’m looking back to my review of The Magician’s Book – writer Laura Miller’s memoir about her childhood journeys in the land of Narnia and her revisiting the books as a skeptical adult. This was actually a book I reviewed in my days as a writer for the now defunct journal The Green Man Review, and I co-opted it when I was starting up my blog.

I wish I still had my copy, but I lost it in a book purge before moving to Switzerland. Maybe I’ll seek it out some day, after I’ve reread the whole series. Click here for my review of The Magician’s Book by Laura Miller.