State Post Linkups

Link your New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut posts here! Click here for the genre post linkup.

To qualify, books must be read between January 1 and December 31, 2016, and must be posted about publicly in some way (blog post, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.). A substantial part of the book must take place in at least one of the six New England states. In the case of poetry, the poet should be strongly associated with or draw inspiration from the region.

Posts that qualify for multiple categories should only be linked in one.

New Hampshire Posts


Maine Posts


Vermont Posts


Massachusetts Posts


Rhode Island Posts


Connecticut Posts


19 thoughts on “State Post Linkups

  1. Oh I love this new linkup format Lory! I’m gonna have to learn how to make one of these 🙂 I just posted a MA review. I already visited a couple of reviews. I’m off to visit the rest.


    1. Glad you like it! Just a note: for challenge purposes, you should pick what category you want your reviews to belong in, and only link them in that category. So “Sanctum” and “Fury’s Kiss” should go in either fiction, or their respective states, but not both. Let me know which you would choose, and I can delete the others.


  2. Hmm, still haven’t got the better of Mr Linky, with New Hampshire this time: Phyllis Edgerly Ring’s The Munich Girl is both by a New Hampshire author and partially set in that state.


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