The Emerald City Book Review Gem was awarded to my favorite books of the year in various genres and categories. Click on the links to go to my relevant posts.

2020 Releases
Fiction: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke
Nonfiction: Inferno by Catherine Cho

Other books I read in 2020:

Historical Fiction: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Memoir Series: Maya Angelou’s memoirs
Book Everyone Should Read: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
Science: I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong
Suspsense: The Scapegoat by Daphne du Maurier
Romance: Jill the Reckless by P.G. Wodehouse
Spirituality: The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu
Sensory Differences: An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks; The World I Live In by Helen Keller; Eavesdropping by Stephen Kuusisto
Reread (and read-along): The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Series Finish: Return of the Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
Around the World: The Mountains Sing by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai
Classics: Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

2019 Gems

2019 releases:
Fiction – Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield
Nonfiction – Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

Other books read in 2019:

Historical Fiction – Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliff
Quasi-Historical Fantasy – Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay
Fantasy – Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
Series starter- Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb
Romance – Vittoria Cottage by D.E. Stevenson
Horror – Kindred by Octavia Butler
Children’s – Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
Biography – Helen Keller by Dorothy Herrmann
Memoir – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Graphic narrative – Ce n’est pas toi que j’attendais by Fabien Toulmé
Spirituality – My Religion by Helen Keller
Rereads – Watership Down by Richard Adams
New to me author – Oliver Sacks
Revisited author – Robertson Davies
Book everyone should read – Daring to Drive by Manal al-Sharif
Preview of a 2020 release – Shadowplay by Joseph O’Connor

2018 Gems

2018 Releases –
Fiction: Circe
Nonfiction:  A Primer for Poets and Readers of Poetry

Other books read in 2018 –

Historical Fiction: The Blood of the Martyrs
Multiple Time Periods: The Maze at Windermere
Books everyone should read: I Don’t Want to Talk About It
Science and Nature: Animals in Translation
Reread: The Earthsea books
Fantasy (among other genres): Jane, Unlimited
Fiction in Translation: Les Miserables
Children’s: It’s Like This, Cat, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
Activism: The Art of Waging Peace
Spirituality: The Kingdom Within
Book Design: Uncle Silas

2017 Gems

2017 Releases:
Fiction: The Bear and the Nightingale
Children’s: Bronze and Sunflower
Nonfiction: May Cause Love

Other books read in 2017 –

Historical: Troy Chimneys, Scaramouche, Golden Hill
Fantasy: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Spirituality: Old and New Mysteries, The Book of Joy
Mystery: The Julian Kestrel mysteries
Romantic comedy: The Lark
Book everyone should read: Dark Money
Suspense: My Cousin Rachel
Fiction in Translation: Season of Migration to the North
Poetry (also in translation): Seasons of the Soul
Literary: The Gilded Chalet
Contemporary Fiction: Americanah
Classics: Excellent Women, East of Eden
Biography and Memoir: My Life in France; Manderley Forever; Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life

2016 Gems

2016 releases:
Adult fictionThe Summer Guest
Children’s fictionThe Evil Wizard Smallbone
NonfictionThe House by the Lake

Other books read in 2016 –

Books everyone should read: Just Mercy; Being Mortal
Children’s/YA: Johnny Tremain; The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing
Fantasy: Wyrd Sisters
Memoir: My Family and Other Animals; Unearthed; Carry On
Historical: A Man of Genius
Classics: The Makioka Sisters
Graphics: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
New-to-me author: Frances Hardinge
Rediscovered author: Betty MacDonald
Small Press: Hidden View (Green Writers Press)

2015 Gems

2015 Releases: FictionGirl Waits with Gun / NonfictionThe Fellowship

Other books read in 2015 –

Historical fiction: New – The Wild Girl / Classic: Shadows on the Rock
Translated fiction: The True Deceiver
Fantasy: The Golem and the Jinni
New-to-me Author: Margery Sharp
Memoir/Nature: H Is for Hawk; The Shepherd’s Life
Nonfiction: Is that a Fish in Your Ear?
Children’s/YA: El Deafo; Krabat and the Sorcerer’s Mill; Seacrow Island; The Hired Girl
Rereads: Tam Lin
Series: The Wolves Chronicles

2014 Gems

2014 Releases: Fiction:Hild   Nonfiction: In the Kingdom of Ice
Other books read in 2014 –
Fiction: My Brother Michael
Classic Fiction: Barchester Towers and The Brandons
Historical Fiction: The White Witch
Fantasy: The Islands of Chaldea
Children’s: All-of-a-Kind Family
YA: A Solitary Blue
Memoir/Biography: Strings Attached and My Life in Middlemarch
Nonfiction: The Age of Wonder
Rereads: Witch Week

2 thoughts on “ECBR Gems

  1. I started reading The Age of Wonder in December and plan to finish it this month. I see why you made it one of your gems of 2014. It will surely be on my ten best list for 2015.


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