Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week


In 2016, we will celebrate Elizabeth Goudge’s birthday on April 24.
Please join us!

From 1934 to 1970, Goudge published historical fiction, children’s books, contemporary novels, and short stories that share richly developed settings and characters, a fine and generous sense of humor, a love of beauty in nature and art, and a spiritual and philosophical view of life that is not one-sided or dogmatic, but rooted in that deep love of humanity that to me is the true “Christianity.” While Goudge herself would be the first to note that her works are not perfect, the understanding of both joy and suffering that they embody has endeared them to many.

If you have an existing review of one of Elizabeth Goudge’s works, please leave a link in the comments or contact me at lory [at] emeraldcitybookreview [dot] com. For inspiration, have a look at these reviews from bloggers who will be contributing guest posts during the week. Otherwise, please keep watching ECBR for more details in the coming weeks. I do hope you will join us!

Books by Elizabeth Goudge (an incomplete list)

The Torminster books (one adult novel and two children’s books, not a trilogy)
• A City of Bells (1936)
• Sister of the Angels (1939)
• Henrietta’s House (1942) aka The Blue Hills

The Eliots of Damerosehay Saga
• The Bird in the Tree (1940)
• The Herb of Grace (1948) aka Pilgrim’s Inn
• The Heart of the Family (1953)

Single novels: Historical
• Island Magic (1934) Victorian era, Channel Islands
• Towers in the Mist (1938) Elizabethan Oxford
• Green Dolphin Country (1944); U.S. title, Green Dolphin Street
      Nineteenth Century Channel Islands/New Zealand
• Gentian Hill (1949) Napoleonic era, Devon
• The White Witch (1958) English Civil War
• The Dean’s Watch (1960) Late nineteenth century, Ely
• The Child From the Sea (1970) Seventeenth century

Single novels: Contemporary
• The Middle Window (1935)
• The Castle on the Hill (1941)
• The Rosemary Tree (1956)
• The Scent of Water (1963)

Children’s books
• Smoky-House (1940)
• The Well of the Star (1941)
• The Little White Horse (1946)
• Make-Believe (1949)
• The Valley of Song (1951)
• Linnets and Valerians (1964) aka The Runaways
• I Saw Three Ships (1969)

Do you have any favorite books by Elizabeth Goudge? What do you plan to pick up during the Reading Week? Please let us know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week

  1. Count me in! I've heard of Elizabeth Goudge but never read any of her books. In looking at her work, it's hard to pick one book! At any rate, I'll start with The Scent of Water. Looking forward to Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week!


  2. I haven't read too much Elizabeth Goudge. I see I can place a hold on any of the books listed at the library, and wait for it to arrive from Cleveland. One of the drawbacks of living in a small town. I believe I'll start with Island Magic.


    1. I'm hoping to read one of the Guernsey books for the Reading Week too, either Island Magic or Green Dolphin Street. Hope your library comes through.


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