What you are missing by following an inactive blog

Posted April 5, 2021 by Lory in blog housekeeping / 0 Comments

Dear friends of the Emerald City Book Review, since this blog is still getting a substantial number of views, and even new followers (although I have tried to make it clear I’m not posting new content any more), I thought I would just point you to the new content I have posted lately, over at Entering the Enchanted Castle. I hope you will follow me there.

While theatres are still closed, I designated March as a month to focus on everything related to theatrical productions, from playscripts to theatrical memoirs to fiction to watching filmed productions, etc. I had a marvelous time doing this and was so pleased that several fine bloggers joined in with their own posts. Please see all the details at my Reading the Theatre wrap-up post.

For my other literature, language and life updates, please see my monthly review post for March. I post this on the first Sunday of each month, looking back at the previous one, and it has links to all the books I’ve read (tracked on Goodreads) as well as posts on the blog.

I’m taking a break for a couple of weeks to try to catch up on a multitude of responsibilities, but I’ll be back soon. See you over at the Castle!