Witch Week is coming

Posted October 25, 2020 by Lory in events / 5 Comments

In one week, starting on Halloween, head over to Lizzie Ross, Writer for the annual celebration of Witch Week, a time to read and discuss our favorite fantasy books and authors (and who couldn’t use a bit of fantasy right now?)

The theme this year is “Gothick” and Lizzie has a simply fabulous lineup in store.

My own contribution was participating in a fascinating discussion of the readalong book, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. If you have not yet read it, there’s still time to grab a copy and join in — it’s a wonderful book for all ages.

Our discussion will be posted on November 2, but each day will be special. Hoping you’ll be there!



5 responses to “Witch Week is coming

  1. I am SORELY tempted, both by Witch Week in general and by The Graveyard Book in particular! I’m looking forward to reading your discussion, I expect it will be fascinating. 🙂

      • No, I haven’t! I’d like to… Do you think it might be appropriate for a ten-year-old? I mean, obviously you can’t really say without knowing the ten-year-old, but I am thinking now of getting a copy and reading it with my daughter – we’ve had to cancel a Hallowe’en party for her so it might be nice to do something in its place…

        • It would be PERFECT for that! The opening scene is quite gruesome if she is sensitive in that way. Otherwise, most of the creepy Halloween-ish elements are balanced out by humor and warmth. My 13 year old loved but I think he would have liked it at an earlier age too, especially as a readaloud.

          • Thanks Lory! I’ll get a copy and read the first chapter, just to be sure, but she is basically a tiny goth and doesn’t mind a bit of gruesome.

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