Get ready for Robertson Davies Reading Weekend

It’s August, the month of Canadian author Robertson Davies’s birth, which means that Robertson Davies Reading Weekend is coming! From Friday to Sunday, August 28 to 30, post about any book or books you read by this magical author, and come back here to let me know about it. You can also use the hashtag #ReadingRobertsonDavies to help us find you.

I’m planning to re-read and post about The Cunning Man, Davies’s last novel, which explores the life of an unconventional Toronto doctor. I recall it as having some very interesting things to say about the art of healing, and since I read the essay “Can a Doctor Be a Humanist?” in The Merry Heart last year, I look forward to revisiting this fictional perspective on the same theme.

Will you be joining us? And what would you like to read?

4 thoughts on “Get ready for Robertson Davies Reading Weekend

  1. I’m reading Tempest-Tost at the moment, Lory, and hope to post my review during that weeked. Apart from the odd unPC comment about Turks and Jews (not atypical of the period but shocking right now) I’m quite enjoying it, despite it being quite slow to start with.

    So lucky to have started with the Deptford books as I might not have been so enamoured with him if I’d started here. Then I thought I’d go to fellow Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed‘s take on the same Shakespeare play.


  2. Hello! I am delighted to find others who enjoy Robertson Davies, and even more excited to learn there is an event coming up shortly. I will provide a review of “The Manticore,” as I have read nearly all of RD’s novels and I’ll leave the more commonly-read ones for others.


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