Discussion challenge: 2019 review and 2020 signup

I’ve been doing the Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight since it began five years ago. That means I’ve posted more than 50 discussions so far, and I still haven’t run out of ideas! I always enjoy the lively conversation generated by these posts, and so I’m happy that our two fantastic hosts are keeping up the challenge.

Looking back, it seems I forgot to actually sign up for 2019 – oops. I want to make sure I don’t do that again! Here’s my official notice that I intend again to post a discussion per month (more or less) in 2020. And below is a recap of the discussions from this year.

January – How do you organize your TBR?
February – Which books should I keep?
March – Who wants to read Robertson Davies?
May – Do I have to read depressing books?
July – How do you remember what you read?
August – Should books be illustrated?
September – Does reading get better as you age?
October – What counts as reading?
November – Do you find some book titles confusing?
December – How do you know a book is going to be good?

Do you enjoy doing discussion posts on your blog, or participating in others’ discussions? Would you like to join the challenge?

22 thoughts on “Discussion challenge: 2019 review and 2020 signup

  1. These sound interesting topics, some that would be good thought provokers especially.
    I do occasional discussion posts on the blog, usually triggered by a quote I’ve seen from an author…Which reminds me it’s a while since I did one .


  2. Me remembering all the titles of these discussions probably means I joined in with most if not all of them, meaning you did a good job of selecting and introducing them! I’d certainly add my two cents (or tuppence) to the conversations you intend initiating in 2020, if you’ll have me. 🙂

    As to whether I’d join in the challenge myself: 1. I’ve already decided to reduce the goals/challenges for 2020 with a view to just reading what I fancy — heaven knows I tend to do that anyway — so probably not. 2. On the other hand I often alternate reviews with discussions or at least observations and so it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, since I’ve been recently posting at the rate of one every other day!

    I won’t thus be officially signing up but I will be doing the challenge in spirit, while still looking forward to whatever your good self decides to do.


    1. The thing is this isn’t much of a challenge for me because I never seem to run out of ideas and I really enjoy the discussion that is generated. You are certainly a frequent commenter and I do appreciate that!


  3. I’m not terribly good at coming up with discussion questions, and like Chris I’m going to try to reduce my challenges in 2020 (ha ha ha, we’ll see how that goes). But I enjoy seeing YOUR discussion questions a lot! So I’m glad you’re going to continue, and I’ll try to participate.


  4. Those sound like great discussions. I don’t get time to post such discussions on my own blog as I have enough trouble doing my book reviews and I like to respond to every comment. But I like taking part in them and will watch out for yours with interest!


    1. Since I went to posting only once a week, doing a monthly discussion does take away from my time to do book reviews. But for me it’s worth it. Everyone has to choose what is most important for them!


  5. I signed up for this challenge for 2019 but I participated very haphazardly…I don’t think I understand how to write a ‘discussion’ post in the way that many book bloggers do. I always enjoy your discussions, though, and will continue to look forward to them in 2020!


    1. I think if you like doing discussions it comes pretty naturally. As with most challenges, I don’t see a reason to push it too hard. I appreciate your participation anyway!


  6. I tend to be a bit of a “lurker” with discussions and challenges – I never seem to get it together enough to actually participate, but I love reading what other booklovers think and read and what they think about what they read. Works for me! Looking forward to seeing what comes in 2020 ❤️


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