Nonfiction November: Book Pairing

Hooray, it’s Nonfiction November, one of my favorite blog events! Click on the link for a complete schedule.

This week’s topic is “Book Pairings,” hosted by Sarah’s Book Shelves — pair up a fiction and nonfiction book you’ve read, that are linked in some way.

I did not have to look far to find a pairing out of the books I’ve read or reread this year. I immediately thought of the new novel, based on real-life people and events, that I’ll be reviewing after it’s published in the US next year:

O’Connor’s fictional take on the relationships between actors Henry Irving and Ellen Terry, and their theatrical manager Bram Stoker, immediately brought to mind some of the essays of Robertson Davies, a specialist in nineteenth-century theatre, whose works I celebrated earlier this year:

This is always a fun exercise, and I invariably find that without meaning to I’ve read books during the year that go together in some way. What pairings would you come up with?

12 thoughts on “Nonfiction November: Book Pairing

  1. This is an interesting pairing. I am planning to re-read Robertson Davies’ novels and essays in 2021. I found my pairing to hand in practically the last two books I’d read!


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