Witch Week is coming!

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Witch Week, now hosted by Calmgrove and Lizzie Ross, Writer, is coming! As explained in the Diana Wynne Jones book of the same name, the excitement starts on Halloween and extends to Guy Fawkes Day, November 5. I hope you’ll join in this wonderful celebration of our favorite fantasy books and authors.

See this post at Calmgrove for more information about this year’s theme and readalong, the focus of which is:

After some notions about going into the dark New England imagination of Nathaniel Hawthorne, it turned out I felt like something a bit lighter. Hawthorne will have to wait for another time, though I do want to revisit him.

So I’ve been rereading Wyrd Sisters, one of my favorite Discworld novels (I already wrote about it here), and The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones, one of her most personal, most powerful books, and perhaps her scariest. And I’ve been thinking about one of the lines that haunts me from the movie of The Wizard of Oz: “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” What is our own power and responsibility in this strange, magical world? These thoughts will come together in some form during the week, and I hope you’ll visit and add your comments.

What are you reading this month? Are you planning to participate in Witch Week?

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8 responses to “Witch Week is coming!

  1. Very much looking forward to this. Thanks for the reminder.

    Wyrd Sisters is one of my favourites, too.

  2. You inspired me to grab Cart and Cwidder as I left for the gym, and I was so engrossed that a guy started giving me a hard time because I got distracted between sets. “It’s not a library!” he said rudely. If he had been nice, I would have given him the machine. As it was, I finished my set. So there!

    • Maybe exercise rooms should be added to the library for readers? Personally, I find reading makes any setting better. 🙂 Enjoy the readalong!

  3. Lizzie Ross

    Thanks, Lory, for your support. Chris and I have been having fun organizing this year’s Witch Week celebration, and I think we’ll make our deadlines. “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” — a perfect meme-quote for our week. I’m sorry we didn’t think of it ourselves!

    • It was the theme of a post I started last year but couldn’t finish … this year it flowed more smoothly!

    • Well, The Spellcoats would be the obvious follow-up … I was thinking of reading it myself, but The Time of the Ghost called louder.