Month in Review: August 2019

Well, the end of this month was a whirlwind of excitement (in my terms, anyway) as I hosted Robertson Davies Reading Week, dedicated to spreading the word about one of my favorite authors. I found it great fun to share this event with some other enthusiastic readers, some longtime fans, some coming to his work for this first time. Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you can see all the highlights at the wrap up post.

Otherwise, it’s been a hodgepodge of a month … I’ve been searching for something that will be gripping yet intelligent without taxing my overloaded brain too much. Any suggestions?



Other Books Read

  • Becoming Human by Jean Vanier
  • World of Wonders by Robertson Davies
  • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte
  • Some Deaths Before Dying by Peter Dickinson
  • Awakenings by Oliver Sacks – Review to come


Other Features and Events


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21 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2019

  1. I have been hiding underneath a rock a bit this week and look forward to reading your Robertson Davies Reading Week wrap up post. As for something that’s intelligent and not overly taxing, The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller might fit the bill. I just finished it last night after three intense reading sessions. My intention was to read a chapter or two to get a vibe for the novel as I’m going to Miller’s local event this week and I got completely sucked into the story. It was a nice surprise as its the first novel I read since Middlemarch, which had given me wicked book hangover.


    1. Well, the cool thing about blogs is that you can roam through them at will and in your own time! I was so pleased with the depth of all the contributions so I do hope you’ll give them a visit.

      Song of Achilles is a good suggestion though I’ve already read it. A reread would not be out of the question — Middlemarch might work too. I could do with a long juicy Victorian novel. RIght now I’m reading The Silmarillion and the narrative drive is somewhat lacking.


    1. Yes, I’ve had an urge to read mysteries lately! That’s how I found Peter Dickinson. But my library inexplicably has only two of his many books. I might have to break down and buy some.


  2. That’s a good month overall! My August was mainly about tidying up my library loans, finishing most of the slow-movers in my stacks (I read several books at once, depending on my mood) and making room on the shelves for the autumn books. September is always a busy month for books!

    Hope you find something gripping to pull you in. Have you read any of Michael Crummey’s books? He’s a Newfoundland writer, with an appreciation of island culture and history and good company (whether it’s your own or others).


    1. No, I have not heard of Michael Crummey. But wonder of wonders, my library has one of his novels as an e-book (Galore). The description sounds very intriguing, so thanks for the recommendation!


  3. Lory, I have been under a rock metaphorically, as I’ve broken my foot and have been stuck in the house with little heart to blog. So I’m afraid I didn’t see any of Robertson Davies Reading Week, but I am pleased to hear it went well and I will check out your wrap-up post. 🙂


    1. So sorry about your foot, that is a bummer. I hope you are healing well and that reading is some kind of solace. The posts from the reading week will still be there if you ever feel like checking them out!


  4. I also enjoy spreading the word about books, especially when they are written by my favorite authors. Currently, I’m helping get the word out for Julie Eshbaugh as a street team member and having fun.


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