Witch Week: My contributions

Today’s Witch Week offering is my review titled “A Famous Witch” … if you don’t remember who that is from my previous mentions, head over to Calmgrove and Lizzie Ross to find out.

And tomorrow, be sure to return for our discussion of The Other Wind by Ursula K. Le Guin, the final book in her Earthsea series.


2 thoughts on “Witch Week: My contributions

  1. How kind and generous of you, Lory, to participate so fully in this year’s Witch Week after relinquishing it, and what superb contributions you’ve made. Hosting such an event is a big commitment, we do know, even though Lizzie and I have shared WW2018 between us, and I am a little in awe of how much effort you will have put into it for four years. Let’s see how long we last! 🙂


    1. It’s always been a pleasure, Chris — life just got too overwhelming to squeeze the hosting in (especially at this insanely busy time of year). I do hope Witch Week will live on in some form or other.


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