Is it time for a change?



Almost five years ago, I started this blog on a total whim when I had some extra time during vacation. I used a free Blogger site and a very basic template. I began with some reviews I’d written originally for the Green Man Review, then slowly started writing about some of my current and favorite reads.

I was foolishly disappointed to not receive tons of traffic right away, but I persisted. Armchair BEA gave me a big boost in getting connected to the book blog community. I reached out and made connections to other bloggers, commented like mad, started some of my own blog events, asked publishers for review copies, joined blog tours, participated in memes. I moved to WordPress, found a great designer to improve my look, and refined my plugins and social media strategies. Gradually my following increased, and made me feel I’d created something of real interest to many people.

There was no compensation involved except the skills and knowledge I gained from this challenge, and the pleasure of connecting to more book-loving folks. And that was a pleasure indeed.

It’s all been great, but many of the “book blog” things I used to do seem less and less important now: getting ARCs, doing Top Ten Tuesday, running giveaways. The blog has become a forum for my thoughts and experiences concerning more than just books. And it feels a little constrained by the book blog definition.

I’d be incredibly sad to lose any of my blog friends, but I’m feeling as though I need a change. Would you follow me if I started something a bit different? Books would still be involved, but I wouldn’t call it a “book review” any more, and my attention is too frazzled for regular posting. I’m thinking of something more organic, more free-form, and somewhat more personal.

If you’re only here for the reviews, I might lose you, of course. But I hope some ofΒ  you would come along for the ride.

What do you think?

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53 thoughts on “Is it time for a change?

  1. I’ll be the first (of many, I expect) to let you know that you won’t lose me by changing the content of your blog. What are important to me are intelligence and thoughtfulness, whether in the form of reviews or fiction or op ed pieces. Whatever new direction you take with your new blog, I feel sure I’ll find intelligent and thoughtful writing.


  2. I think that it is a good thing for all of us to transcend the book blogger mold. It is a big world out there. If I had the tine I would actually maintain three blogs, one for books, one for politics/social issues and one dedicated to craft beer.

    I look forward to whatever you decide to do in the future.


  3. I’ll still be reading no matter what form your blog takes. I love books but I also love good writing about other interesting subjects and I am sure you will provide that.


  4. I got into bookblogging as a way of connecting to people who were into ideas and, I suppose, compassion. Bloggers such as you are my ideal for, although we mayn’t always have the same taste in books (though I’m glad to see there is a huge overlap) we share many of the same values where truth, justice and love are concerned.

    As Lizzie writes, what’s important is intelligence and thoughtfulness. And in any case, I often stray from bookish things myself when blogging so I can hardly censure anybody else who does the same!


    1. I never expected that blogging would become a way to find people who share my values, but I’m very glad it did. It’s so good to have a place to connect on the level of ideas and compassion …


  5. I think you should do whatever you like and whatever you feel inspired about.

    I am pretty sure, by the way, that pretty miuch all of your current readers would enjoy reading whatever you posted about. I’ve come to believe that the discussions around bookish topics and others are what blogs do best, and you’ve always come up with thought-provoking ones.

    I hope you have fun!


  6. I like your blog for your interesting conversational pieces, so if you changed from a book blog, I’d still follow. Do you. That’s what brings us in anyway.


  7. I’ve never felt constrained by the book blog definition. Over the last decade I’ve evolved what I write about in various ways, although it’s always centered on what I’ve read because that’s the kind of form that helps me think of things to say. Currently I’m writing about once a week, because that’s all I can make time for. Do I have many readers? No, less than ever before. Does it matter that much? Maybe not. Those of us who stick to blogging are probably not doing it for the fame and fortune.
    All of that is to say that I’ll keep reading whatever you have to say, and I’m not sure you have to worry that much about whether you “live up” to the title of this present blog, change it, or do whatever else you want to do.


    1. The constraint is mostly in my head, I’m sure. But I did conceive this blog as an online book review, and I had a great time doing it…only it seems to have run its course somehow. Now I think a new name and format would just help me get a fresh start. Thanks for following, whatever happens!


  8. I echo what Jeanne above said, because this caught my eye, “Would you follow me if I started something a bit different?”

    If you are itching to change it up then that’s what you need to do. You may lose some followers, but you will also get new ones.

    I wrestle with this, too. I still love my book blog, but what I also want to write about doesn’t fit there. I am starting a new blog.

    Go the way of your heart. That’s what got you here and that’s what will show you the next road.


    1. I will look forward to seeing your new blog! I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and am inspired by other bloggers who make a change.


  9. It’s your blog, so I think you should do whatever you feel happy with. I enjoy reading your book-related posts, but I like reading posts on other topics too. I’ll still be following, whatever you choose to write about!


  10. I would still read, of course!! πŸ™‚ I do know what you mean though. Life is always changing. I, too, feel a change in the book blogging atmosphere from when I started. I remember more read-alongs and more consistent connection with other bloggers. In my realm there seems like there are less people consistently reading classics and blogging about them. But I intend to stay the course. That said, I would love to have more time to work on my children’s classics blog and my food blog. Ah, the elusive coveted “time”! In any case, all the best in your new venture, Lory!!!


  11. You should follow your heart. After all, we all change and grow. Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to go forward in a new direction. I’ll bet it will be rewarding. And, like others have said above, I will also continue to follow.


  12. I struggled with this recently too. After a loooooong hiatus from book blogging, I decided to start a new blog because I wanted to write about things other than books and tea. I ended up abandoning it in favor of my old blog though because the new space didn’t feel quite right. I’m letting myself write about topics other than just books, and if I lose a reader or two along the way, that’s okay because I know I’ll gain new readers in their place.

    TL;DR…I plan to stick around πŸ™‚ I like variety in my feed!


    1. I love that each blog can be as individual as the person who creates it. And nobody seems much fazed by name changes, off-topic posts or other variations. We’re here to meet each other.


  13. Yes, I definitely would follow you if you changed! Blogging can feel stale, even though I love your blog. (And that’s why I recently started a new blog.) So many people I know have reached this crisis. It’s bizarre, but a blog can feel like a lot of pressure.


  14. Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll keep reading whatever you’re writing! There is probably a good graph to be found in the waxing and waning of blogger enthusiasm over time. I think we are all involved for our own reasons, and our blogging should take whatever form supports our goals. I’ve never been a big fan of writing reviews, myself, and while I used to adore making top ten posts, I’m starting to feel like a) I keep seeing the same themes and b) I don’t have any titles to offer than aren’t already well known by other bloggers.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!


  15. As has been said before, it may have been books that introduced us, but it’s your writing that has kept us reading. I’d still follow you no matter what you write about as I enjoy your blog. It’s gotten me to think about things in ways I might not have before reading it. Thank you & good luck!


  16. I feel like you’ve already been shifting focus a bit and it works for me. If you’re not primarily focused on books, I think my ability to comment meaningfully will depend on the topic, but I’ll definitely stick around and comment when I feel I can add something πŸ™‚ And for bookish posts, I think it can be a lot of fun to do posts that aren’t just traditional reviews. I’m trying to do a bit more of that on my blog too, but it’s definitely a work in progress.


    1. Yes, my focus has been shifting, and I feel it’s time for the outer form to follow suit. I’m so glad you’ll come along for the ongoing work in progress. πŸ™‚


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