What books do you want to read this year?


Even though I’m in the midst of a three-month book acquisition ban (that means no buying, no review copy requests, and no library checkouts) I can still dream of the books I would like to read that are not already on my shelves!

A couple of years ago I made a list of ten books I wanted to read in 2016, which was an attempt to get outside my usual reading habits and push myself to take on some difficult or at least unfamiliar topics and settings. It took more than twelve months, but I did read eight of them — all except for Excellent Daughters, which I decided didn’t interest me as much as I had thought, and Kindred, which I still do want to read but keep bypassing for some reason. I’ll get to it someday.

I was really pleased with the results of that earlier experiment, so here’s another list for the coming year(s). What would be on yours?

Linked in the Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!

26 thoughts on “What books do you want to read this year?

  1. So many great titles! I’m so happy to see The Tiger made the list 🙂 I loved Underground Girls of Kabul and I finally just read Born a Crime myself and loved it, I’m reviewing it this week. Daring to Drive has been on my list for way too long, I’ve been meaning to get to it since it came out.


  2. Hag-seed and Born a Crime are wonderful books, and I thought Homegoing worth reading too. You’ve made me curious about This is How It Always Is, so I’ll wait for your review on that one. This idea of a list is sort of what the TBR Pile Challenge does for me — it’s not about reading books I already own, but books I’ve meant to read for a while and might forget about in favor of new releases Enjoy!


  3. All you books look good and I also want to read them. I might get to Daring to Drive this year. There are so many other books that I want to read. It would be difficult to name ten.


    1. Yes, it is hard to narrow down a list! My idea is to particularly focus on some topics I want to learn more about, and pushing myself a little out of the comfort zone. Plus keeping an eye on some very highly recommended titles from the last couple of years so I don’t forget about them.


  4. Great list! The only one that I have read is Homegoing…my feelings about it were mixed. Parts I liked, parts I didn’t.

    Hag-Seed is on my list too. I even watched a version of the Tempest on youtube to prep for it. Now all I have to do is actually read it!


  5. Great list! Best of luck getting round to reading all of these 🙂
    There are so many books I plan to read this year, but I’m such a mood reader that every time I try and narrow it down to specific ones I plan to read in the immediate future I end up not feeling like it at the time… Although right now I feel I should prioritise the ones I have out of the library before I have to take them back! 🙂


    1. These tend to be the “top of my mind” books that have come to my attention fairly recently. Some time I should dig down into the TBR list and prioritize some that have been languishing for a while.


  6. I just read Kindred and I really loved it. Difficult subject matter that I thought the author handled well, especially the balancing of two genres.
    Both Born a Crime and Homegoing were favorites of mine from last year and I hope you get to enjoy them both this upcoming year!


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