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Posted January 8, 2018 by Lory in challenges / 6 Comments

Continuing a spate of year-end/beginning posts, here’s my official sign-up post for the 2018 incarnation of the Book Blog Discussion Challenge, hosted by Feed your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight.

If you’ve not participated in this challenge before, please consider joining! It’s a great way to share fun topics with your fellow book bloggers, and our wonderful hosts also sponsor monthly giveaways as well as featuring a different blog each month.

I’ll be returning at the Creative Conversationalist level, 11-20 posts during the year. One post a month is a good pace for me.

See you in the comments!



6 responses to “Book Blog Discussion Challenge

  1. Good luck with this. I shall watch what you come up with as topics with great interest. Finding a topic is the hard part but I saw an interesting idea somewhere about making a list based on the alphabet. So a topic for A and then B etc.

    • That could be a fun way to challenge myself further. So far I have not had any trouble coming up with a topic for the month, but I may run out of ideas at some point.

  2. I love posts about bookish topics that are not about a specific book. Last year I found yours interesting and engaging. Here’s to another year of great posts.

    • Yes, the discussions add a different element to the reviews and lists of specific books. I really like that, also on other blogs.

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