Witch Week Day Seven: Wrap-up and 2018 Announcement

It’s been another wonderful Witch Week, and I’d like to thank everybody who made it possible: Chris, Laurie, and Katie for three fascinating guest posts; Tachyon Publications for a fabulous giveaway; and everyone who posted, linked up, and commented. You are the best!

Regarding next year, I’m sad but also somewhat relieved to say that I’ve decided not to host this event in 2018. This has become an increasingly busy time of year for me both at work and at home, and when the excitement of hosting a blog event starts to morph into dread, I think it’s time to stop.

However, I will cherish the memories of the last four years, with all the blogging connections I have made, the books we’ve read, and the fun we’ve had together. Being able to do something like this was one of the major reasons I wanted to start a blog, and from my point of view it’s been a smashing success.

For the record, here are the links for all the Master Posts from each year. If you haven’t already, do have a look through for a rich and inspiring exploration of the many faces of fantasy literature.

Thanks again to all of you for sharing this event with me, and I look forward to more reading adventures.

20 thoughts on “Witch Week Day Seven: Wrap-up and 2018 Announcement

  1. Thank you so much, Lory, not just for this year’s event, but also for all the past ones — huge enjoyable fun, but also huge work. I don’t blame you at all for relinquishing the hosting, for of course other matters must take priority, not least a bit of peace and sanity!

    But of course I and not a few others will be bereft. It’s deliriously delicious to have this intense focus on a seasonal theme which I definitely will miss.

    So here’s hoping that others too would like to see it continue. I hesitate to take on yet another commitment but is there someone out there who’d be willing to host it? I’d be happy to help, maybe even as co-host, in some capacity. Anyone?


    1. Thank you, Chris — I’m so grateful for all the participants but especially for you, as you’ve been an enthusiastic contributor and participant every single year!

      I would be thrilled if you (and other friends) wanted to take on the event, and happy to be on the “participant and contributor” side of the fence. Let me know how things develop.


  2. Like Chris, I’ll certainly miss this annual check in with DWJones fans and spook-themed posts. Each year I’ve been nudged into reading something new and greatly appreciated (this year it was Hexwood). I’ll have the time (hooray for retirement!) to co-host next year, so I’m willing to put my name forward (although if someone else wants this task more than I do, I’ll happily cede the honor to them). But only as co-host. Chris — you have my email address. Let me know what you think.


  3. I’m not much of a joiner, usually, but have loved this event over the past few years. Thank you. I’m sad that this is the end of you organizing it, but certainly understand as it’s a frantic time of year for me, too.


    1. Thanks Jeanne! It’s all good and fun stuff, but just too much — and alas, the blog sometimes has to be the thing that goes by the wayside, vs. work and family. So glad you’ve joined us these years.


  4. OK, I am sad but boy do I understand busy time of year and the dread. That does mean it’s time to quit. I am dying to volunteer to step in but I have similar issues….I’d be up for a team effort though. Maybe we could work something out, Chris? I do so love Witch Week.

    You’ve done a tremendous job with this, Lory! Thank you so much!


  5. Last year was my first year to experience WitchWeek and can I just say, Something Wicked this Way Comes still creeps me out when I think about it? 🙂 But it was a highlight for me and as a newer blogger the first time I engaged in a discussion like that.

    This year I wrote my first guest post on a blog, so my experiences of WitchWeek are memorable and positive.

    I can only imagine what organizing something like this must be like, especially when it is done so well. I hope you can take it easy for a bit and just enjoy life and your family.

    Thank you so much for your effort these last four years and knowing you have made a mark for the good in the (blogging) world.


    1. OMG, yes, that was a creepy book! I am glad I read it but it was definitely outside my comfort zone.

      I’m so glad you have enjoyed joining Witch Week for the last couple of years, and especially that you wrote your first guest post for us. That was a very special contribution.


  6. This has been a great Witch Week and I’m glad I was able to participate again. I don’t usually host events myself, but I can appreciate how much time and effort must go into putting something like this together. I’m sorry you won’t be hosting it again in 2018, but thanks for the last four years!


  7. Thank you so much for creating and hosting this event, Lory! It has definitely been fun and I’ve learned so much every year (and inadvertently became an American Gods expert last year!).


  8. This was my first year participating in Witch Week and I had a blast! I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be hosting this event next year, but I understand. This is a very busy time of the year and it’s easy to get overloaded. I’d like to say that I think you did a great job with this event! I looked forward to reading the posts each day and Chris, Laurie and Katie did a wonderful job of highlighting a different aspect of the Arthurian legend. Thank you for all you did in putting this event together!


    1. Stay tuned, BJ, because it sounds like the event might continue under another aegis, which would make me very happy. I’m so glad you discovered us this year, and I agree that we had a stellar assortment of guest posts. Thanks for your participation and interest.


    1. It really is just a terrible time for me — if Halloween fell in, say, the middle of February I’d be totally up for it. So I’ll probably concoct another event that is more in accord with my personal schedule, because I do also really enjoy them. 🙂


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