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Nonfiction Book Swap Sign-Ups

In my preview post for Nonfiction November, I forgot to include the link for the awesome book swap hosted by Katie from Doing Dewey. Read on for details…

This year, we’ll also be bringing back the nonfiction book swap! If you sign up for this swap, you’re committing to sending your swap partner at least one nonfiction book (or more if you want), mailed/ordered in time to arrive by the end of November. You can send books yourself or order them and have them sent directly to your partner. Katie, who is organizing the swap, suggests Book Depository as a great way to send books internationally if you and your partner are in different countries.

Sign-ups will be open until November 3 and partner information should go out to everyone by November 5.  You can fill out the form to join the book swap at this link.

Will you be joining in Nonfiction November? What are some nonfiction titles on your TBR?

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4 responses to “Nonfiction Book Swap

  1. I am hoping to take part in Nonfiction November! I am currently reading The Queens of Conquest by Alison Weir; a fascinating history about Medieval queens, but I am loving it so much I think I will finish it very soon. Not to fear though I have plenty more interesting nonfiction lined up – I am particularly looking forward to: Seven Sovereign Queens by Geoffrey Trease and Cleopatra by Ernle Bradford 😀

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