Niantic Book Barn haul

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Last Friday, I took one of my few remaining days of vacation to make a trek to the Niantic Book Barn on the Connecticut coast, a sprawling complex of barns, huts, sheds, trolleys, outdoor shelving, and even a former outhouse filled with used books on every imaginable subject. Three additional, more conventional buildings down the street have even more books to explore, all neatly shelved and labeled. It was a book-hunter’s paradise!

I was so glad that I also got to meet up with Erica Robyn of Erica Robyn Reads (and her friend Alex), who like me drove down from New Hampshire, and Chris of WildMoo Books, who lives not far from the store. In between our browsing sessions, we sat down to refresh ourselves with some pizza and conversation. I always appreciate the chance to meet some blogging friends in person!

Thanks Chris for letting me use your selfie!

I sold some books at the hyper-efficient sales counter — and immediately used my store credit to buy more books. Here’s what I got at each of the four locations:

Main Store – The New Arrivals shelves were plentiful and fun to pore through here, along with a good selection of kids’ paperbacks.

Downtown – The bulk of SF and horror were in this location. I picked up a couple of titles that I wanted to reread.

Midtown – This store had a huge children’s section. I had already gotten several books for my son in the main store, so I just got him one more here.

Store Four – This had a good selection of literary fiction, criticism, and Folio Society and other fine press books. I had to restrain myself to buying just a few lovelies.

Have you been to Niantic Book Barn? What’s your favorite used book store?

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22 responses to “Niantic Book Barn haul

  1. Have you been to Niantic Book Barn? Sadly no, and I’d be worried if I ever did — what if I didn’t have enough (1) money (2) luggage space (3) shelving to store the books I wanted to read?! Niantic looks a fabulous place, like one’d died and gone to heaven…

    What’s your favorite used book store? Every secondhand bookshop with a decent selection would be my favourite! But a place I’d like to haunt more is Hay-on-Wye, a few miles north of where we live, which is a member of the International Organisation of Book Towns. With around twenty outlets, many specialist (, there are always a few that remain on my itinerary.

    • Well, as I’ve told you before Hay-on-Wye is my idea of book heaven! I hope I can make a trip there one day.

  2. I thought of you last Friday and I am glad you had such a good time. It is a pity I couldn’t join you. You bought some great books. I love An Episode of Sparrows and my daughter has been reading all the Marguerite Henry books.

    • Someday I hope we can connect. I also wanted to visit the Eugene O’Neill house in New London, but I didn’t have time this time around.

  3. What a great haul!! Thanks again for organizing this trip. I had so much fun and cannot wait to meet up again! 🙂

  4. I love a book haul! I have never been to the Book Barn (or even Connecticut). I think the closest thing like that available to me is The Last Book Store in L.A. But I have only been there once, since I don’t really live that close to the city.

    Locally, I do have access to a few, small used book stores, some for charity and some for profit. The one I visit most is the Goodwill Book store.

  5. I have not been to New England, sadly. Here in Southern California, I have to say my favorite used bookstore is in San Diego, called Adams Avenue Books. The literature section, including mystery and sci/fi is huge and they are known for their religion department. Their large regional section on California history and the West, I covet 🙂

    Btw, I love Norton critical editions, which the Frankenstein is from, I see!

  6. It looks as if you all had a great time.

    Buying books can be such fun. Used bookstore and sales are like magical places. I love everything about them.

    • Even with easy online book shopping, the thrill of the hunt in a real book store still appeals to me.

  7. Such a fun place! I wish I’d had the vacation time to come along, though thinking of the Book Barn makes me sad–my purse was stolen last year, and in it was $80 of Book Barn store credit. Sniff.

    • It’s hard for me to make it to the bigger conferences, so this is how I try to meet at least some of all those awesome bloggers out there!