Month in Review: June 2017

If last month was a nonfiction extravaganza, this was a month for catching up with new release reviews. I hope you will check out these fantastic offerings from some of my favorite publishers.

Ironically, all these “new” books were actually previously published, either recently in the UK, or many years ago and now getting a reissue. I notice that I don’t read much of-the-moment contemporary fiction at all … thus my discussion question for this month. Do you have any favorites in this genre to recommend? I’ve received some great suggestions already, but I am always up for more!




Other Books Read

  • The Hotel Under the Sand by Kage Baker
  • Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
  • The Praise Singer by Mary Renault
  • The Fledgling by Jane Langton – Review to come
  • The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Perry
  • Cut to the Quick by Kate Ross
  • A Broken Vessel by Kate Ross
  • Whom the Gods Love by Kate Ross


Other Features and Events


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18 thoughts on “Month in Review: June 2017

  1. I see you liked the Kate Ross books, you read three of them! : ) I read them a few years ago and quite enjoyed them as well. I love sinking into a good mystery.


    1. I stumbled upon them when I was in the mood for some Regency atmosphere and found them totally addictive. It’s terribly sad that Ross died so young and could not write more. 😦


  2. Oh, you read Rebecca. I keep meaning to reread it because I loved it the first time, but I saw a not-so-brilliant play adaptation of it (performed using an inordinate amount of SEA SHANTIES) and it’s put me off a bit. I did read My Cousin Rachel this month though, and I absolutely loved it.

    I keep seeing The Essex Serpent everywhere, but I don’t feel justified in buying it until I’ve read The Miniaturist and that’s been on my TBR forever.


    1. Sea shanties? I suppose they were trying to get the Cornish atmosphere that way, but that does seem a bit odd.

      Hope you can get through some of your TBR this month!


  3. Wow, you had a really productive month! I keep meaning to read Rebecca but never seem to get around to it. I want to read it before watching the movie, which I taped awhile back. Need to move that up my TBR pile! Hope you have a great July!


  4. My mother and I really liked those four Kate Ross books and were sad she died so young. Once my mother was at a dinner where she was stuck next to a dull man who turned out to work at Kate Ross’ law firm. Glad she could come up with a topic, my mother told him she was a fan of his colleague’s books and he was utterly amazed, had no clue they were popular or charming (although knowing my librarian mother he probably heard all about them!).

    I am a big Langton fan but realize I read Diamond in the Window,Swing in the Summer House, and Paper Chains repeatedly and not the others.


    1. I really liked the Kate Ross books too — I went through a phase of reading tons of Regency-era fiction but became so annoyed with the authors who don’t portray the era convincingly that I hesitate to pick those books up any more. I can take a certain amount of anachronism, but the writer has to have the right flair for language and attention to detail. Ross stood out among those ranks for her writing style, plus her plots and characters were original and fun. A sad loss indeed.


  5. I have good luck liking books published by Candlewick and i’ll have to check out their new list soon. I haven’t read the books you posted here but I know Essex Serpent is on my TBR.


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