Discussion challenge

In the flurry of year-end events I neglected to wrap up my Book Blogger Discussion Challenge participation for 2016. It’s always interesting to look back and see what topics I tackled each month, so here they are:


The challenge will be back next year (hooray!), and I’m definitely participating again with one discussion per month. Thanks to Nicole and Shannon for bringing it back, and be sure to check out the sign-up post for more information. Looking forward to lots of great discussions in 2017!

11 thoughts on “Discussion challenge

  1. Ive had a great time reading some of your discussion posts here – especially the ones about Twitter and image usage both of which I struggle with too


  2. I really appreciate this challenge – I enoy reviews, but I find discussion posts to be the most fascinating. I don’t know that I’ll be able to commit to writing my own, but I have set myself the goal of being a more active commenter, so even if I don’t post, I can support bloggers who do!


  3. This is my first year trying it and I’m shooting for 1 a month too. I look forward to seeing everyone’s discussions and partaking. Good job and good luck with 2017!


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