Reading New England Wrap-up

Reading New England

This is my personal wrap-up and summary post for the challenge. A giveaway is coming on December 30, open to everyone (participants can earn extra entries, though). Please watch for it, and do link up your own posts in the meantime!

Well, this has been quite a year in many ways. One thing that made it special — in a much more pleasurable way than some others — was the Reading New England challenge, which I launched twelve months ago in order to explore the literature of the region where I live, in company with anyone else who might be interested. I’m by no means done with reading from the New England Book List, but here is what I read this year (with links to reviews, where applicable):


I particularly enjoyed putting together various features and guest posts that focused on New England publishers, authors, literary sites, and more:


Thanks to all who have stayed with me through the challenge, making it much more fun than it would have been on my own, and to all who posted and linked their own reviews. A few more were added this month:


If you haven’t already, please be sure to link your reviews on the Genre Post or State Post pages. As mentioned above, on December 30, there will be a chance to enter a giveaway, and linking up will earn you chances to win extra books!

If you achieved your challenge goals, congratulations! If not, there are still a few days left in 2016… Do let me know how you’re doing, and what you still want to read, either this year or in the future. Though I won’t be running this challenge again in 2017, we can all still enjoy reading and discussing the many-faceted literature of New England.

15 thoughts on “Reading New England Wrap-up

  1. I’ve got one more book to finish (in a weeks time LOL)! This has been such a great challenge and I am so glad that I found this challenge. THank you for hosting it.


    1. Yes, I’m done with hosting a year-long challenge for now! It was great, but it was a long time to focus on something. I will look forward to your month long challenge, whatever it may be.


    1. There were many books I thought or hoped I would get to and didn’t…but they’ll still be there after this year. Thanks for your participation; I’m so glad you found it worthwhile.


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