Nonfiction November: New To My TBR Round-up


It’s been another wonderful Nonfiction November, and we all have piles of books to read. There were different ways to handle all the recommendations that came our way this month…

The most common method was to assemble a fairly random collection of tempting titles:

But it was also possible to focus on a single title:

Or pick one book for each of the five weeks of Nonfiction November:

Organize by theme:

  • Unruly Reader (medical, aviation, Supreme Court, amazing women)

Or express appreciation for the discovery of new blogs, as well as new books:

Some titles that turned up on multiple lists were:

  • The Inkblots
  • Symphony for the City of the Dead
  • Hillbilly Elegy
  • Lab Girl
  • A Thousand Naked Strangers

Thanks once more to everyone who participated — and especially to Katie of Doing Dewey, who got the ball rolling this year, and also hosts a monthly Nonfiction Book Club (co-hosted by me this month, in conjunction with the Reading New England challenge). I hope you might join us, in case you can’t wait till next November to share some great reading and discussion!

In any event, enjoy your new discoveries, and keep the conversation going. We have a lot to offer one another in our nonfiction reading journey.

8 thoughts on “Nonfiction November: New To My TBR Round-up

  1. Thank you for the wrap-up post. Again, I appreciate all of the hosts hard work. By far the most successful reading event that I have participated in this year.


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