Month in Review: November 2016


This month started off with a fabulous Witch Week — thanks so much to everyone who contributed guest posts and participated in other ways. Be sure to visit the Master Post for links to anything you may have missed.

I then dived into Nonfiction November, which I was honored to be asked to co-host. My topic, New to My TBR, will be posting tomorrow and I hope you’ll check it out. I also announced the Reading New England readalong book, Mayflower, which will be a joint effort in December with Doing Dewey and the Nonfiction Book Club. Please consider joining us, even if you haven’t been participating in the challenge so far.

On a more somber note, after the election I had to ask Should I keep blogging? Is this a valid use of my time in today’s world? It remains an ongoing question for me every day, but for now I’m still here, and very grateful for the wonderful community I’ve found.



Other Books Read

  • americangodsoriginalThe Spice Box Letters by Eve Makis
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Reread
  • Withering-by-Sea by Judith Rosell
  • Diary of a Provincial Lady by EM Delafield – Review to come
  • Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy by Rumer Godden
  • The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald – Reread
  • NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman – Nonfiction Book Club
  • The Hitchhiker Trilogy by Douglas Adams – Reread
  • The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden – Review to come
  • Coromandel Sea Change by Rumer Godden

Other Features and Events

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23 thoughts on “Month in Review: November 2016

  1. It looks like you had a very successful reading month, especially from where I’m standing. NeuroTribes, American Gods, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy on my TBR.


    1. It was quite a month — feels like a different lifetime to look back to the beginning. Those are three excellent picks for your list.


  2. Glad you’re still here! And once again…one of these days, I will get to American Gods. It piques my interest every time I see it, and then I remember just how HUGE it is.


  3. I haven’t read Mayflower yet, but I really need to – “In the Heart of the Sea” is one of my favourite recent nonfiction reads, and I’ve been meaning to explore more of Philbrick’s work – I’ll have to follow along with your posts!


  4. Reading an egalley of Bear and Nightingale now, about half way through. Very interested to hear your thoughts.
    And, yes. Blogging matters. Talking, creating, thinking — it all matters very much.


  5. I love nonfiction today–it’s so much more fun than when I was in school. I’ll have to catch this event sometime.


  6. Oh, I really want to read American Gods, especially with the TV show coming soon! It looks like a promising series, so the books must be stellar.


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