One week till Witch Week

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WITCH WEEK 2016-200

It’s almost here! Witch Week will start in one week with a preview and master post on October 30, and then the real fun will begin on Halloween, October 31.

What is Witch Week? It’s the week between Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day, and the term comes from the book of that title by Diana Wynne Jones. It’s a time when there might be more magic around than usual, and so I decided to use it to celebrate our favorite fantasy books and authors. This is the third year, and it just keeps getting better.

Here are some of the plans I’ve heard. I hope you will join us, too!

  • Lizzy, Helen, and Jean are planning to join the readalong of Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Other possible participants include Katie, and Meaghan. Brian, Chris and I have already had a great discussion, which will help to start us off.
  • Katie would also like to read along with us, and has picked up a copy of Summerlong by Peter S. Beagle.
  • As well as being interested in the readalong, Chris is interested in The Witches by Stacy Schiff. Nonfiction is certainly welcome!
  • Ruthiella is another possible participant and also may look into Camilla, a spooky classic by Sheridan leFanu.
  • Jeanne is planning to post about The Evil Wizard Smallbone, a choice I can heartily recommend.
  • Shay has Labyrinth Lost on her TBR, which I haven’t read but looks intriguing.
  • Laurie is re-watching the original movie of The Haunting of Hill House and reading the book for the first time, and she’s also picked up The Girl Who Drank the Moon.
  • And of course our guest posters have been hard at work: Maureen did a wonderful interview with author Kat Howard, Jenny has ten reasons we should read Shirley Jackson (it was hard to stop at ten, I’m sure), Deb is sharing an appreciation of the Oz books, and Kristen revisited an old favorite, American Gods.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for Witch Week?

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19 responses to “One week till Witch Week

  1. I’ve just reposted a review of the novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (currently on general release as a movie) and that might be an appropriate tale to read for Witch Week, if anyone hasn’t already read it. I’m looking forward to Kristen’s take on American Gods and Deb’s on the Oz books.

  2. I look forward to reading everyone’s postings. The read along of Something Wicked This Way Comes was both insightful and fun. Thanks again for hosting.

    I also want to read The Witches by Stacy Schiff so I will be looking forward to reading Chris’s thoughts on it if he decides to post.

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to that review as well. (It’s the other Chris, from WildMoo Books, who mentioned it.)

  3. Lory, how is the readalong going to work? And where and how do we discuss it?

    Really excited to read everyone’s posts! Thank you so much for creating and organizing this!

  4. I’ve got my library copy of Something Wicked so I’m ready for the readalong! And if it’s not raining, maybe I’ll join Jean with a bonfire of my own. πŸ™‚

  5. By the way, I’ve just come across a New Hampshire non-fiction author who’s written on macabre themes such as Salem and Poe, and even a tome entitled The New England Grimpendium which lists “hundreds of macabre sites, attractions, and artifacts, all drawn from the firsthand experiences of J.W. Ocker, who covered 7,000 miles of New England roadway in venturing to these eerie locations.

    “From a visit to the private collection of a demonologist to a midnight jaunt at an insane asylum cemetery to an overnight stay at a murder scene, Ocker leaves no gravestone unturned in his quest to chronicle the dark heart of New England.” You may have already noted this but I was faintly amused to see it covers both Witch Week and the RNE Challenge in one fell (I use the word advisedly) swoop!