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Today, I’m pleased that the Emerald City Book Review has been chosen as the featured blog for Boost It Tuesday! Click the link to go to my Facebook page and give me a little boost.

What is BIT? Well, here’s what the founders say:

Have you noticed that despite ALL of your Facebook “Likes” you are only “reaching” a very small portion of those followers? Does that bother you? It bothers us, and we want to boost each other up. We are a great community of bloggers and authors, and we should be supporting each other. So now, here’s a chance to link up with Every Free Chance Books, If These Books Could Talk, and Between My Lines.

Share your Facebook address in the linky on one of our blogs, then visit the Facebook pages. “Like” 3-5 posts, and share or comment on 1 or 2 posts. That’s it. You don’t have to “like” the page if you don’t want to, just “like” some posts. Let’s help expand each other’s page reach. Who knows! You may find a new blog or author to follow along the away. Please be aware that any non-Facebook links will be deleted.

Here are some tips for Boosting. A big thanks to Kate at If These Books Could Talk for the image!
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Each week one blogger or author is featured on the Boost It Tuesday post. If you would like to be featured one week, please fill out the form below.

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Remember: Like, comment, and share! Let’s all give each other a boost!

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6 responses to “Boost It Tuesday

    • Thanks Karen! Yes, it’s a nice idea – I sympathize with those who have dumped Facebook because of their irritating algorithms.