Classics Club: Year Two

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It’s been two years since I joined The Classics Club, so here is an update on my progress. I’ve kept up quite well so far, with nineteen books checked off my list of fifty+. Here’s what I read and posted about in the last twelve months, all very interesting and worthwhile reads:


My favorites? Mrs Dalloway and Anna Karenina. These are the two I’m most likely to reread in the future. And I hope to see a production of The Matchmaker someday!

Things have slowed down now, because I’m focusing more on my own Reading New England challenge. I may find some books that count for both, but I’m not going to strain myself. I’m participating in the current “spin” challenge to try to get in at least one book from my list this summer.

In general, after a couple of years the list I originally made seems less and less appealing to me. I can (and do) keep tweaking it, but my heart is not so much in it. I’m thinking that if I just read an average of ten classics per year I’ll reach the same goal anyway, and be more free to take up what catches my eye at the moment rather than thinking “I must cross something off my list.”

How do you feel about long-term reading lists? Do they inspire or depress you?

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20 responses to “Classics Club: Year Two

  1. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I have not kept up with my Classics Club challenge at all, and I think I’ll be at the 5 year mark soon – I don’t think I’ll be completing it in time. I have to agree that it just didn’t appeal to me as time went on and there were other books I was more drawn to reading. I hope I’ll get to read all the books on my list someday. It’s great that you’ve gotten to read so many of the classics on your list so far!

    • Yes, it’s not a question that I would like to read the books on my list at some point – others just keep pushing them out of the way. Might do something different in year three.

  2. Lark

    Reading lists inspire me when I first make them, but they often lose their shine long before I finish all the titles written on them. That’s usually when I make a new list. My reading mood changes over time, so my reading list has to change, too.

    • Five years is an awfully long time to stick to a list…I’m impressed by those who can do it, but I’m afraid it’s just not my style.

  3. Brian Joseph

    When reading plans become a chore I think that they lose their original purpose. I agree that sometimes it is best to let them fall by the wayside.

    With that, you have read some really good books as a result of this challenge. Either way I would guess that you will be reading really good books in the future.

    • I am very glad I read all of these books. And I think my list may just need some freshening up. Nothing wrong with taking a short break, at any rate.

  4. Whitney @ First Impressions Reviews

    You did a great job for your first year participating in the Classics Club. I really enjoyed your review of Mrs Dalloway, the excerpts you shared were lovely. One more book for me to check out at the library.

  5. Meaghan

    No one else ever reads Armadale! I really liked it for its roughness. But I love Wilkie Collins always.

    • I somehow stumbled onto a bunch of blog reviews of Armadale (Kristen of We Be Reading was one) and that’s what got me curious about it. I think several of us read it for the Back to the Classics challenge last year. I found it interesting if not entirely successful, but I definitely want to read more Wilkie Collins anyway – what are your favorites?

      • Silvia

        I have read his famous Moonstone and The Woman in White. The Moonstone is to me his best. A friend who has read more of his titles agrees that most are just ok.
        The Woman in White is a page turner, but some characters and part of the plot, are a bit weak.

        • I’ve read them both, but I’d like to look at them again. No Name also seems intriguing to me.

  6. Silvia

    Lory, a good looking list.
    I have never read Virginia Wolf, I always thought I would dislike her, but I liked Anna Karenina, so maybe I would like Mrs. Dalloway too.
    I joined your email list. I love the Emerald City name, and the blog design with emerald green.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Silvia, and for following. I’m glad I found your blog through the Back to the Classics challenge.

  7. Well done on the progress you’ve but I am sorry to hear you’ve lost some of your enthusiasm for your list. I have also been taking part in The Classics Club too – even though I am not usually a fan of reading lists – the club has really helped me boost my classics reading. I am now in my fifth and final year, and I have read 43 out of my goal of 50 books 😀

    • That’s terrific! Did you change your list at all, or did you stick with the original 50? (My list has already gone through some transformations, and is likely to change some more.)

      • I have tweaked my list over the years to suit my mood and reading experience; in particular I have added more books by authors I have enjoyed.

  8. I’ve changed my list quite a lot. And I also have a policy that if it’s a classic (and I review it), it counts, whether it was technically on my list or not. I think you are doing great 🙂 Enjoy your summer reading 🙂 🙂

    • I like that policy. One problem with my list is that I divided it into categories, so if I read something that doesn’t fit into one of those, I feel like it doesn’t count. Silly of me!