New England Book Blogger Meetup

As winter drew to a close, and it started to be possible to make social plans without fearing they would be cancelled by bad weather, I thought it might be fun to try to get together with some local book bloggers. The Boston literary district seemed a logical place for such a meeting, and so a date was picked and I put out an invitation. Alas, scheduling proved to be difficult for many, but at least last Sunday I got to meet up with two terrific bloggers I’ve followed for some time, Laurie of Bay State Readers Advisory and Charlotte of Charlotte’s Library. With three New England states represented (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island), it was quite a respectable showing.

Laurie, Charlotte and me at our last stop, Commonwealth Books.

We had a lovely brunch at Carrie Nation on Beacon Street, and exchanged some review copies that we had gathered. I somehow ended up with more books than I started with…

2016-05-23 12.46.10
Ooh, new books!

We then walked across the street to the Boston Athenaeum, a private library with a first-floor gallery that is open to the public. We viewed the current exhibition of recent print acquisitions (no photos were allowed in there), and then looked around at some of the other art on view.

2016-05-22 13.21.13
Portraits of Boston worthies lined one wall in this spacious room.


2016-05-22 13.26.20
Charlotte was perplexed by the bizarre ring displayed on the artist’s left hand in this self portrait. “It looks like liver flukes!”


2016-05-22 13.24.08
A statue of Adam and Eve in front of a window overlooking the adjoining Granary Burial Ground, where Paul Revere is buried.

We then walked to a nearby cafe, followed by a visit to Commonwealth Books, a narrow space on a crooked old side street, well-lined with used books stuffed into every available space. I enjoyed browsing, but found that carrying around a heavy bag of books is a very good deterrent to buying more books.

2016-05-22 14.33.35
Laurie examines the fiction selection at Commonwealth.

It was a marvelously bookish day, and I’m so glad that Laurie and Charlotte were able to make the trip to share it with me. We’ll definitely try to do it again sometime!

11 thoughts on “New England Book Blogger Meetup

  1. It looks to have been a great day.

    The Boston Athenaeum looks like such a great place to visit. I have seen some odd rings in several old paintings.

    It seems that folks wore some very strange rings in the past 🙂


  2. Great recap, Lory! I finally wrote mine up this morning. I agree with you about lugging books, as my shoulders were pretty sore by the end of the day! So glad we were able to do this, and the weather cooperated beautifully!


  3. It looks like you all had a marvelous time and I wish I could have joined you! But, next time! What a perfect day–brunch, a visit to the Athenaeum, and then a bookstore browse! I definitely am glad the weather is so much better now and we can have these kind of meetups!


  4. Hey Lory, if you do it again please let me know. I am in CT but I would gladly travel to meet up with other bloggers. Looks like it was a fun day!


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