Brooding About the Brontes Guest Post


Today, I hope you’ll head over to Girl With Her Head in a Book, where I’ve contributed a guest post for the Brooding about the Brontes event. Here’s my intro:

When considering how the Brontes influenced the literary world, children’s books do not naturally spring to mind; we tend rather to think of the realm of Gothic novels, or feminist fiction, or the late nineteenth century novel. But when I looked at my favorite books for children and young adults, I was struck by how many of them showed a definite influence emanating from that remarkable family.

It’s fascinating to see how elements from both the fiction and the lives of the four siblings have percolated into a different genre, and been made use of in many ways by the individual authors. These are not slavish imitations or derivative works, still less retellings or spin-offs of the earlier novels, but creative and original approaches to storytelling that have been enriched by the Bronte legacy. All, in my opinion, deserve to be considered classics, and if you haven’t read them yet, I hope you will soon.

To find out what my picks were, please visit Susie’s blog! And don’t neglect to check out all the other posts for this marvelous event.

2 thoughts on “Brooding About the Brontes Guest Post

  1. Wonderful choices! I adore The Secret Garden but I’d never thought about the Bronte links before. I really must re-read The Wolves of Willoughbly Chase and I Capture the Castle; it’s been years since I read them.


    1. All of these are old friends that I’ve read many times — except The Return of the Twelves, which I’d only read once before I dug it out again for this post. I’m glad you love them too!


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