Link Love: April 2016


Review of the Month

Brian of Babbling Books highlighted a fascinating-sounding story by E.M. Forster that veers into science fiction territory, giving some astonishing insights into the future (i.e. now). Be sure to read the comments, too.

This month, I’m moving Reading New England reviews into this monthly link summary for easier reference. Thank you all again for your participation! And remember, everyone, it’s not too late to sign up.

Reading New England

  • Avid Series reader found Death of a Turkey to be a worthwhile cozy mystery set in small-town New England.
  • Carstairs Considers was won over by a Massachusetts historical mystery, Delivering the Truth.
  • Anastacia had mixed feelings about a Stephen King novel set in Maine, The Long Walk.
  • At Monica’s Bookish Life, thoughts about another Maine book, Olive Kitteridge. (Monica would like to have seen more of Olive — I agree!)
  • A Good Stopping Point wants us all to know about a neglected Maine classic, Spoonhandle by Ruth Moore.


Bookish Travel


Creative Collections

  • The Quince Tree offers a lovely Spring reading list. What would you add?
  • A beautiful collection of words and images on the theme of Tulips comes from Beyond Eden Rock.
  • Fourth Street Review came up with a “six degrees of separation” chain based on A Prayer for Owen Meany.


Good Questions


Image of the Month

quiz a map c13471 39
A nineteenth century spoof map of the land of Matrimony, from the British Museum.


Shared in the Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer

6 thoughts on “Link Love: April 2016

    1. Yes, it was interesting that after all this time they finally think they’ve discovered the real cave. It’s an amazing story, both the real and the fictionalized versions.


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