Classics Club: One year update

Posted May 18, 2015 by Lory in challenges / 10 Comments

Just over a year ago, I joined the Classics Club with the goal of knocking 50 classics off my personal list within 5 years. How am I doing?

Pretty well, since I’ve read and blogged about nine books so far. Some were titles that I’ve been thinking of for years, others were new discoveries, but I was glad to have read each and every one. Here they are, in order of blog appearance:

I’m hoping to read more from my list over the summer since my pace has slowed a bit in the past few months. And I’m trying to fit most of them into the categories of the Back to the Classics Challenge. This is a little limiting, but I still have plenty to choose from.

Are you doing any classic reading challenges? How is it going?



10 responses to “Classics Club: One year update

  1. Oh I'm doing so badly with Classics Club – I'm way behind. Congrats to you for keeping on track though! It's such an interesting collection of books that you have read so far!

    • I feel like I was doing better in the beginning. Lately I've been distracted by other things. But I am going to get back into it in the summer, promise!

    • My personal definition of classics is rather liberal, but even so I've managed to broaden my horizons quite a bit. It's definitely been worth it.

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