Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week: Wrap-up

A heartfelt you to all who participated in Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week! It was such a pleasure to celebrate one of my favorite authors with you. Here I’m collecting all the links I could find from around the blogosphere. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Special thanks to my wonderful guest bloggers from Fleur in Her World, Shelf Love, Charlotte’s Library, and Howling Frog Books. You’re the best! And thanks again to Girls Gone By for sponsoring the giveaway of Henrietta’s House and Sister of the Angels.

Meghan of Hendrickson Publishers sent a helpful link to their Elizabeth Goudge page, with currently available and forthcoming titles. Note that The Dean’s Watch is a great deal at only $2.99!

Lark of The Bookwyrm’s Hoard did a wonderful birthday post and two reviews: A City of Bells and Pilgrim’s Inn.

Cleo of Classical Carousel misplaced her original choice (The Dean’s Watch) but was loving Island Magic. She posted a review and some amazing pictures of the Channel Islands a few days later.

Monica of Monica’s Bookish Life read and posted about her first book by Elizabeth Goudge, The Scent of Water.

Helen at She Reads Novels also read her first Goudge, The Child from the Sea.

It took Jean of Howling Frog Books a while to get into The Dean’s Watch, but once she did she “quite liked” it.

Cat of Tell Me a Story traveled to Devon and Gentian Hill.

And here’s a recap of the “official” posts that appeared during the week. (If you have a link, you can still add it on the Introduction Post.)

I also posted about The Dean’s Watch and The Eliot Family Trilogy earlier this month.

Finally, my actual reading for the week consisted of The Scent of Water and Island Magic, which were so beautifully described in the posts linked above, plus The Valley of Song, a lesser-known children’s book that was well worth the effort to find it. I’ll post a review soon.

Did you find any Elizabeth Goudge books to enjoy this week? Or any that you’d like to check out in the future? And, I’m thinking of doing another EG event next year, maybe just for one day — are you interested?

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