Words and Pictures: Sister of the Angels

Goudge quote Sister of the Angels“Henrietta suddenly caught her breath. Always it seemed to her quite incredible that men could have made this place; people like herself and Hugh Anthony only bigger; how could they have done it? She looked about her. The massive pillars of the nave were so tall that they seemed to be lifting up the soaring arches they carried far out of sight, while below them the aisles stretched away unendingly into shadowed space. The sunshine came through the stained glass windows curiously charged, split up into reds and blues and greens robbed of its brightness and subdued to the colors of mystery. Everywhere was this sense of space and height and a reaching out to an end that was never found. There was no time here. Past and present and future were all one.”

Elizabeth Goudge, Sister of the Angels (1939)
Image: William Turner, Interior of Salisbury Cathedral, found here.

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    1. It is rather hard to find, but I'm pleased to say that Girls Gone By has recently reprinted it, and is graciously sponsoring a giveaway during Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week. It's a companion book to A City of Bells, with more about Torminster and Henrietta, so it's most enjoyable if you've read that book.


  1. Love this picture and these words! I think this passage has so many spiritual connotations–definitely one I could ponder for a good chunk of time. Thanks for sharing this, Lory–I haven't read this book so am now curious!


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