Month in Review: March 2015


This month, inspired by some Bloggiesta posts, I installed Disqus for comments on my blog. Then I removed it again less than 24 hours later. It was annoying that when I imported old comments into Disqus, all the reply threading was lost and commenters’ avatars and links were gone, plus all comments on static pages disappeared. But beyond that I was disturbed by reports that comments from mobile devices or from versions of the site viewed in foreign countries could get lost and were very difficult to retrieve…and that syncing with Blogger doesn’t always work, so if I ever left Disqus, or it went under, all comments might be lost. Plus, a lot of people refuse to use it at all, and there seem to be some security issues.

What is your opinion? Do you like Disqus or run away from it as fast as possible? I’m really not sure what to do, since the Blogger commenting system also has issues. Maybe I will move to WordPress sooner rather than later.

In actual reading news, this was the month of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books, and I made an effort to read more of the contenders than I ever have before. It was fun, but it took up a lot of my reading time! Here are my reactions to the first rounds of judging. The winner will be announced on March 31, in case you’re interested.

This month’s most popular post was the discussion about “What makes a good book title?” I had a great time making this list of book titles that I love (the books are good, too). Thanks to everyone who commented and contributed their own favorites. What’s yours?

I was excited to announce that in less than one month we’ll be celebrating Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week. As you can see below, I’ve been reading some of her books in preparation. Will you join us?


Other features and events

Other books read

  • A bunch of contenders from the aforementioned Battle of the Books.
  • And a batch of Elizabeth Goudge: The Bird in the Tree, Pilgrim’s Inn, A City of Bells, Henrietta’s House, Sister of the Angels
  • The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones and Ursula Jones, another DWJ March read (and the topic of my first-ever Twitter chat, which made me feel very hip). I also polished off The Pinhoe Egg, which I’ve been meaning to reread for some time.

Favorite posts from other bloggers

How was your month?

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18 thoughts on “Month in Review: March 2015

    1. I hear of problems on Blogger (although I haven't experienced them myself), and that's one reason why people switch. I'm interested in WordPress because it seems to have more options and be more stable.


  1. Honestly, I avoid Disqus, I don't know why, it's just not something I particularly want, and people don't seem to mind using this platform here, so I'm not rushing. Good luck finding what works for you though 🙂


  2. I'm not fond of Disqus only because whenever I've encountered it, I've had problems. The Once Upon A Time Challenge was very tempting but I just couldn't manage it this year. 😦 Next year, though. Have fun!I can't wait for Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week. Thanks so much for hosting this, Lory. I'll be getting a post up on my blog about it next week!


  3. I've vaguely thought about Disquis but not enough to investigate it. There are some benefits but I also don't want to miss with anything that's actually working too much! Have a great week!


  4. Hey, I am in your month in review! We are both really lucky we got in before she closed shop. She was great to work with and is very talented. I don't mind using Disquis on other people's blog, but I have yet to really feel the need to use it on my own blog, especially now after you shared your experience. I think your commenting system works just fine how it is as far as I can tell. I just use the basic blogger one as well, but I don't think I have had any problems yet.


    1. I liked how you showed the evolution of your blog design! So happy with mine now.I haven't had any problems with Blogger so far. I just hear that they can happen. Hope we're both going to be lucky. : )


  5. I'm neutral on Disqus, and I tend to find the Blogger comments system less irritating than some find it. But the latter thing may change if Blogger keeps making me choose pictures of hamburgers to prove I am not a robot. I don't mind doing words and letters, but the choosing pictures thing is maddening.


    1. I can see how that would get annoying. I have moderation turned on specifically so commenters don't have to do anything (as far as I know).


  6. I hate Disqus and am very glad you're not using it…because then I'd never be able to comment on your blog…and I would hate that, too. 🙂


  7. I'm planning to write a wrap-up post for my month–I need to get that up soon! I've had lots of good reading but it's also been pretty crazy with other tasks and teaching as well! I love that you joined in reading some of the SLJ's Battle of the Books. I have Echo but haven't read it yet. Also, I'm joining the Literary Blog Hop because I saw the banner on your blog!! 🙂


    1. Very good! I can't wait to check out everyone's giveaways. The Battle of the Books was fun but intense. Moving on to Elizabeth Goudge and Anthony Trollope now…


  8. Sorry to hear you had issue with Disqus and decided to abandon it. I've been thinking of moving to self-hosting and using Disqus for commenting, although WordPress commenting seems to work fine. Otherwise, it sounds like you had a productive month of reading!


    1. It's hard, because some people won't comment on Blogger and some won't comment on Disqus! I'm wondering if regular WordPress comments aren't the way to go.


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