Put the Library on Hold: End-of-month review

Posted January 31, 2015 by Lory in challenges / 22 Comments

It’s the end of my library-free month, when I tried to read exclusively from books I had already on my own shelves. And I did read all ten of the books I had earmarked for this month, at least in part. I read only the first third of the omnibus The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks, deciding I just didn’t feel like reading it through at the moment, though it’s delightful for browsing. Also, I read only one chapter of the densely academic Studies in Words, but I’m planning to read the remaining eleven one month at a time. I’m very happy with these results, and would love to start out next year the same way.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to check out from the library! At the top of my list are the seven finalists for the Cybils award in the middle grade speculative fiction category. I haven’t been reading much in this genre lately, and I’d like to remedy that. I also think it will be fun to have read all the candidates so that I can see what I think about the final decision. I will let you know!

What did you read this month? And, what are you looking forward to checking out from the library?

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22 responses to “Put the Library on Hold: End-of-month review

  1. Now that there is a library (as well as a bookshop) around 100 yards from where we've recently moved to you'd think I'd be there haunting these two reading emporiums. Far from it! I'm trying very hard to catch up on all the reading matter I've accumulated over the years that I've barely looked at but always had the best of intentions to wade through.

    Well, this year I'm hoping to make a significant dent on this TBR backlog, not just for this month but for a large part of this year. I'm only read one library book all the way through ('Planet Narnia' by Michael Ward) and bought one fiction title ('Mapp and Lucia' by E F Benson, a compendium of three novels featured in a recent BBC TV series). And I hope to remain abstemious for as long as I can make it last. It's quite liberating — like giving up sugar in tea and coffee!

  2. Congratulations! I've given up the library for three months for the TBR Dare, and for the first month at least I've found it easier than I thought. I've loved having the time back and remembering what I have unread on my own shelves.

  3. I'm a little sad our library-free month is done, but I'm glad, too. Does that make sense? I've gotten a lot of satisfaction from finishing 5 books off my TBR shelf this month, and it was very freeing feeling like I could pause and reread an old favorite any time I wanted. But I'm really looking forward to getting back to the library; I have a list of books I can't wait to check out and read. Thanks for putting this reading challenge together. I really loved participating and can't wait to do it again next year. 🙂

    • I do know what you mean — it's kind of like leaving a cozy retreat to go out into the world again. I'm so glad we made this reading space for ourselves!

  4. Cat

    It was easier than I thought it would be and I also read all the books I chose for the month. Very satisfying to have read 8 titles all from shelves. I'm hoping it will help me limit my borrowing more than I have in the past.

  5. Anonymous

    I was not library free this month sorry 🙁
    Discovered a new series — Flavia de Luce [thanks Kate], continued with my series read of all Hercule Poirot books (now up to book 24). Read a new Felix Francis [ok only] — Robert the Dog

  6. Congratulations on sticking to your no-library resolution for the month, and working on that TBR pile! And thank you for posting that list of MG speculative fiction. I had noticed Greenglass House before, but hadn't seen the Merrie Haskell book anywhere, and the blurb is very appealing. I've put both on my TBR list and on hold at the library.

    • The whole list looks fantastic. I'm psyched that Greenglass House became available at my library just in time for me to snag it this week.

  7. Kay

    All I could think about this last week is what I should get from the library in February. lol I am still super glad I did this challenge. 😀

  8. My lovely library got a ton of comics in at once earlier this month, so that's a big chunk of my January reading. I'm trying to read books that I own at the moment, so I'll probably be on a short library break. I already have a looooong library books list for when I return to the library in a few weeks, though!

  9. Congratulations on having such a productive month and "library-free" as well. I spent most of my month finishing The Age of Wonder, but also had time for a new author (Zoran Zivkovic) and other fiction from my own shelves.
    However, the TBR list continues to grow.

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