Words and Pictures: A Short History of Myth

Mythology is the discourse we need in extremity. We have to be prepared for a myth to change us forever.

Karen Armstrong, A Short History of Myth (2005)
Image: Edmund Dulac, from The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche

6 thoughts on “Words and Pictures: A Short History of Myth

    1. I would love to do that too, now that I have finally read this one (it's been sitting on my shelf for years). I've picked out a few that I'm most interested and we'll see where it goes from there.


  1. We ignore the power of myth at our peril. As also that it exists: so many people mistake the myth they espouse for reality. I keep dipping into Matthew Hutson's The Seven Laws of Magical Thinking, a chapter at a time. Its subtitle is 'How Irrationality Makes Us Happy, Healthy and Sane', which I feel describes the power of myth exactly, Lory!


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