Looking Forward and Back

A Janus coin

When I started blogging a year ago, I didn’t really have any particular goals in mind, other than to start posting and see what happened. Looking back, there are some things I’m really pleased with and would like to continue into 2015, and some things that I’d like to work on.

For more goals and resolutions from other bloggers, see this week’s links at Top Ten Tuesday.

Accomplishments in 2014

Kept to my intention of posting at least once a week, with a review every Friday.

Made a good start on my Classics Club list.

Read quite a lot of nonfiction books (for me anyway), and found many more that I want to read next year, thanks to Nonfiction November.

Joined in some great events, including Mary Stewart Reading Week and Willa Cather Reading Week, and hosted my own Witch Week. I’m looking forward to more of these, and plan to host an Elizabeth Goudge Reading Week in April as well as Witch Week II in October/November.

Sprung for a new blog design that I absolutely love.

Goals for 2015

Keep better track of what I’m reading, with notes at least on the title, author and date finished. I’m amazed by the detailed statistics some bloggers keep, but am not sure I’m up to that.

Do a monthly wrap-up post that includes books that didn’t get a full review, but are worth mentioning.

Request only ARCs that I know I will read — like many new bloggers, I got overexcited and now have quite a few review copies that I know I just will never get around to.

Read at least one book from all twelve categories in the Back to the Classics Challenge.

Read more from some genres that I neglected in 2014, including fantasy, children’s books and new releases.

. . . And just read more in general. I spend too much time looking for books to add to my list when I have plenty on there already! My personal “Put the Library on Hold” challenge in January (which anyone else is welcome to join) should help a bit with getting me to actually read books I already own.

What about you? What was your year like? What are you looking forward to in 2015?

11 thoughts on “Looking Forward and Back

  1. Congratulations on achieving so much in 2014! I'm also hoping to keep track of my reading a bit better in 2015, I'm leaning towards a spreadsheet. How are you going to keep track?Happy reading in 2015 🙂


    1. To start with I'm just keeping a notebook where I make myself record at least the title, author, publisher, date, and date I finished the book. A spreadsheet would be cool but not so easy to keep next to my bed. : )


  2. Lovely goals, both reached and planned. I think I'm going to write my New Years Resolutions post tomorrow. You've given me some great ideas!I've been thinking I should join Classics Club…I know so many bloggers that rave about it and I have quite the stack of classics that I'm itching to read.


    1. If you have classics you want to read, join the Club! The good thing it's very low key, and all about your own personal goals, while being a good way to connect with other lovers of classic books. I'll look forward to reading your resolutions!


  3. Congratulations on a wonderful first year. I'm looking forward to Elizabeth Goudge Week, which will work beautifully with my goal of reading from my own shelves and building a library of the books I know I'll want to read again.


    1. The Dean's Watch is one of the books I'm planning to read from my own shelves in January. I love your year-end "box of books" — so many in there that I would like to read too (including another vote for Anna Karenina, yay).


  4. I'm having Stephanie give my blog a much needed new design as well! I love how your blog looks so I think this is the best choice I could have made! 😀 By the way, I swear I spend more times looking for books to add to my goodreads or to read reviews of than I do actually reading as well. lol I need to get it together.


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