Witch Week Summary, Giveaway Winner, and 2015 Preview

It’s the final day of Witch Week at the Emerald City Book Review, and I’d like to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who participated, first and foremost our five guest bloggers: Ana, Kristen, Jenny, Cheryl, and Chris. Your contributions were a daily joy! For easy reference, here they are again:

Thanks to all who commented on these, and on the readalong post for the book Witch Week. If you didn’t have a chance to read that book yet, it’s never too late! Feel free to come back to share your thoughts at any time.

I’d also like to thank Leeswammes and the Literary Blog Hop (fortuitously scheduled during this week) for bringing many readers from all over the world to ECBR, and Tor Books, which generously contributed a copy of Deep Secret for the Witch Week giveaway.

And how about that giveaway? Jean L. won the $10 Powell’s gift certificate, the DWJ zine, and the copy of Deep Secret. Congratulations, Jean! Though the Witch Week giveaway is over, be sure to check out ghostgrrrl for a great opportunity to snag two mini-zines on “Five Diana Wynne Jones Books,” open through November 15.

I’ve gathered a few posts that were linked or sent to me below. You can still use the linky on the Master Post to add yours; I’ll keep it open for at least another month. You can also leave a comment or email me at withawhy99 [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll keep on gathering posts here as long as anyone bothers to send them to me.


Finally, I’m already planning next year’s Witch Week! The theme will be New Tales from Old (books based on folktales, myths, and traditional stories) and the featured book for Halloween will be Tam Lin by Pamela Dean. It’s set at a fictionalized version of my alma mater, Carleton College, which makes it extra fun for me — but it’s a great read for everyone. I’d also like to include another book by Diana Wynne Jones, Eight Days of Luke, which plays on the origin of our days of the week in Norse mythology.

Other than that, I’m open to suggestions. What content would you like to see? Are you interested in contributing a guest post, giveaway, or anything else? Do you have feedback about this year’s event? Again, comment or email me to let me know.

Thank you all for being a part of the first Witch Week. I hope you’ll be back next year, and that you’ll stay connected in the coming months too. I’d love to share my reading journey with you.


3 thoughts on “Witch Week Summary, Giveaway Winner, and 2015 Preview

  1. What content would you like to see?I really appreciated the discussion about each title (as I think the commenters did), whether as an introduction to a first reading, an anecdote about the poster's first encounter with the book or author, or as an appreciation; I'd be pleased to see really any enthusiastic recommendations for books I've yet to read! As for theme, I do like the idea of maintaining the spooky-cum-supernatural thread which next year's planned week keeps as a base for retold tales.Are you interested in contributing a guest post, giveaway, or anything else? I'd love to do another guest post, if you'd have me. I've been meaning to re-read (I mean "read properly" as opposed to dipping in and out) The Classic Fairy Tales, a group of essays and texts concerning various versions (including modern retellings) edited by Maria Tatar (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/62831.The_Classic_Fairy_Tales). This sounds just right for 2015 and a self-imposed deadline for a review/guest blog would give me the impetus I need to immerse myself in it!Do you have feedback about this year's event?This is a wonderful excuse to involve many bloggers in a seasonal theme — I would certainly hope that all, guest bloggers and readers alike, would help to promote this and make it grow.


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