Witch Week 2014: A Week of Magical Reading

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Calling all fantasy lovers! I’m excited to announce that from October 31 to November 6 I’ll be hosting Witch Week, a chance to read and discuss our favorite books and authors, and discover some that may be new to us.

This year the focus will be on the incomparable Diana Wynne Jones, author of so many fantastic books and (as far as I know) the originator of the term “Witch Week.” As we learn from her novel of that name, starting on Halloween we enter a special time “when there is so much magic about in the world that all sorts of peculiar things happen,” and when stories carry a particular power. What better time to celebrate and share the magic of reading?

Our “official” read-along book will be Witch Week (naturally), with a discussion on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5. Don’t
know what Guy Fawkes Day is? Read the book, and you’ll find out!

On other days there will be a post focusing on a particular book, chosen from among my personal favorites but also representing the range and variety of this remarkably versatile author’s work. These particular books share a running theme of the power of words, language, and story, which seems quite appropriate. You might want to read one or more of my choices and join the conversation in the comments, but please feel free to read and discuss whatever you wish. There will be an opportunity for bloggers to link up their own posts for further interaction.

Some wonderful bloggers will be contributing guest posts, and I’ll also be hosting a giveaway during the week. If you would like to host a giveaway
on your own blog, please let me know.

Projected schedule of the week:
Preview: October 30 – Master post with link-up and giveaway
Day 1, October 31 – Fire and Hemlock
Day 2, November 1 – Power of Three
Day 3, November 2 – Howl’s Moving Castle
Day 4, November 3 – The Spellcoats
Day 5, November 4 – Deep Secret
Day 6, November 5 – Witch Week (Readalong)
Day 7, November 6 – Honorable mentions and wrap-up

To sign up, just leave a comment on this post indicating what you’d like to do during the week — whether there are any particular books you want to read or reread, or you just want to follow along and see what happens. Of course, you don’t have to sign up here to enjoy the event, but you can earn extra points in the giveaway by making yourself official.

Otherwise, you can grab the button above and proudly display it — please link back to this post — while waiting for the fun to begin. Whether you are a longtime DWJ fan or a new reader, I do hope you’ll join us.

A Google Doodle that appeared on Diana’s 80th birthday this year


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20 responses to “Witch Week 2014: A Week of Magical Reading

  1. Looking forward to discussing aspects of Deep Secret, a novel partly set in Diana's home town of Bristol. An excellent concept this Witch Week, Lory, to complement the March celebration of all things DWJ, an author you can never have too much of!

    • An excellent plan. I've read the earlier ones so many more times than the later (Conrad's Fate and The Pinhoe Egg) that it might be good to look at those again, at least.

  2. I'm on a DWJ binge right now, which is how I found this blog. I just started on a DWJ re-read, and Eight Days of Luke is next on my list. Depending on my reading/writing speed, I'll be posting about that or Cart & Cwidder during that week! And since Witch Week seems like such a cool idea, I may give away my DWJ mini-zines during that time 😀

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