Quick Quotes: The Crystal Cave

Arthurian Mary Stewart Merlin

“But there’s nothing in this world that I’m not ready to see and learn, and no god that I’m not ready to approach in his own fashion. I told you that truth was the shadow of God. If I am to use it, I must know who He is. Do you understand me?”

“How could I? What god are you talking about?”

“I think there is only one. Oh, there are gods everywhere, in the hollow hills, in the wind and the sea, in the very grass we walk on and the air we breathe, and in the bloodstained shadows where men like Belasius wait for them. But I believe there must be one who is God Himself, like the great sea, and all the rest of us, small gods and men and all, like rivers, we all come to Him in the end.”

Merlin, to his servant Cadal in The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

8 thoughts on “Quick Quotes: The Crystal Cave

    1. For some reason I avoided it in high school and college, when I was reading tons of Arthurian literature. I really don't know why. At least I get to enjoy it now!


  1. The Merlin books were my introduction to Mary Stewart, and I read them to pieces. It's only in the last couple of years that I've begun reading her suspense novels – and learned there are two more "Arthur" books that I've never read! But The Crystal Cave will always be a favorite.


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