Austen in August Wrap-up

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Coming from Abbeville: Austen’s notebooks  

Well, my blog “vacation” ended up being pretty busy. Participating in Austen in August hosted by Lost Generation Reader kept me quite occupied with reading and writing about Austen-related books, and reading other people’s posts. You can see the summary of my own posts here, and here are some others that I especially enjoyed:

I was honored to be able to contribute a guest post on Illustrating Jane Austen. The other guest posts  were excellent:

I even won one of the giveaways, and I never win! So I’m sure I’ll be back next year for this very enjoyable event. I’ll just have to plan my vacation for another time.

This Friday, I’ll be back to my regular schedule of posting once a week (plus additional random times), with an exciting announcement! I hope you’ll join me to find out what’s in store this fall.

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8 responses to “Austen in August Wrap-up

  1. That Darcy's Proposal post! My mind is blown. So that means that all those P&P versions of Darcy's proposal we saw might be totally wrong?! I was having fun trying to figure out how you would portray that on film without actually putting words in Darcy's mouth. And once again, I see how brilliant Jane Austen is.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention.

    This was indeed such a fun event. Not only did I enjoy your posts but I discovered your outstanding blog which I will continue to read in the future.

    There was also a lot of other great commentary on many of the blogs some of which I also discovered for the first time.

    I actually ran out of time as I did not get through Emma yet but I will be posting on that novel in a few weeks anyway.

    Happy reading!

    • I am going to carve out more time next year so I can actually read more novels. I had to stick to shorter works this time. Have fun with Emma!

  3. Oh sure, dangle the carrot and leave us all wondering. 🙂 What is it? What is the announcement? Oh please, oh please, tell us! Do I really have to wait until Friday?

    • Aha, my cunning plan worked…I'll give you a clue though, scroll down to the bottom of the right sidebar for a preview.

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