Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten authors I own the most books from

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This was an interesting list to do. Although many favorite authors are missing either because they didn’t write so many books or because I don’t happen to own them, it does give a pretty good cross-section of my reading interests. I didn’t count multiple copies of the same book, otherwise Jane Austen would definitely be on there — but with only six novels she didn’t have a chance.

meme top ten authors

1. Diana Wynne Jones – 38
I don’t have all of DWJ’s novels, though I’m quite close. I’ve thought about letting go of some of my less-beloved volumes but it’s hard to resist the lure of completion.

2. Rudolf Steiner – 35 
Just a small fraction of Steiner’s astonishing output — mostly lectures that others transcribed and published. Not fiction, but a wealth of esoteric knowledge and guidance.

3. L. Frank Baum – 19
The complete Oz series is 14 volumes, plus I have Dover reprints of some of Baum’s other standalone stories.

4. Robertson Davies – 15
I actually reduced my collection in a book purge not long ago, which I’m now regretting. I still have all the twelve novels but I wish I had kept more of Davies’s witty and erudite criticism.

5. C.S. Lewis – 14
Children’s book series rack up the numbers quickly, with seven Chronicles of Narnia, plus the Space Trilogy and some nonfiction.

6. Andrew Lang – 12
Do editors count? This represents my complete set of the Rainbow Fairy Books.

7. Inez Haynes Irwin – 10
Another series — I inherited the Maida books from my mother and I’m keeping them for my child.

8. E. Nesbit -10
In a Folio Society sale years ago I snapped up sets of the Bastable books and the “Five Children” series, plus I have a smattering of others. I’d like to have more but nice editions are not that readily available.

9. George MacDonald – 9
My four-volume edition of MacDonald’s fairy tales, added to his five fantasy novels, makes a respectable showing.

10. Ursula K. LeGuin – 7
I’d like to increase this number — LeGuin has so many great books that I don’t own.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten authors I own the most books from

  1. An interesting and impressive list! There are several authors on your list that I'm not familiar with, but now that I've read more about Steiner, Davies, and E. Nesbit, I'll be on the lookout for their books!


  2. Diana Wynne Jones tops my list as well — 37 books of hers, I've got. It'll be 38 once I finally get the editions I want of Magicians of Caprona and Witch Week. And I haven't got The Islands of Chaldea yet, either.


    1. I'm somehow resisting getting those last two, it means the fun will be over in a sense. But then I could look for better editions…or British versions…it's a never ending obsession.


  3. My daughter would be envious of your DWJ collection! Lewis missed being on my list, though I do have the 7 Narnia books and several of his nonfiction titles. I love how many children's authors you have on here – Lang and Nesbit and Baum. I have some of the Oz books, but not yet all. And I really need to read Nesbit!


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