Author Interactions: Armchair BEA Day Two

Posted May 27, 2014 by Lory in events / 17 Comments

For Day Two of Armchair BEA, we’re sharing something about interactions with authors. I’ve met a few authors and attended some readings I enjoyed, but my favorite interaction has to be the letter I received from Robin McKinley when I wrote to her at age 14. Among other questions (advice for would-be writers, favorite books), I asked how I could find a copy of her second book, The Door in the Hedge, which I was having trouble locating (this was pre-Internet of course). Instead of directing me to contact the publisher, she sent me a signed copy! This was a major thrill in my young life.

She also was the first person to recommend Diana Wynne Jones to me, for which I am deeply grateful. I find it interesting that she mentions Peter Dickinson as another favorite author…


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17 responses to “Author Interactions: Armchair BEA Day Two

  1. That is the COOLEST letter and story! I love it when writers I like turn out to be kind and thoughtful to their readers.

    • Yes! I have always wanted to meet her in person but she moved to England and stopped doing appearances. I just found out (from Charlotte of Charlotte's Library) that she is going to be the guest of honor at Boskone in February and I think I have to drop everything and go.

    • I can just imagine the thrill that must have given your 14 year old self. 🙂 And isn't it nice how kind she was to write back!

  2. Oh wow, that must have been amazing for 14-yr old you! I love it when authors take the time to encourage children to read. I only discovered Diana Wynne Jones a few weeks ago, but I absolutely love her! Great answer, hopefully I'll see you around again soon!

    My Author Interaction post

    Juli @ Universe in Words

    • Lucky you, at the very start of discovering DWJ…I can only read all her books again for the fifteenth time. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ah, that is so very cool! How inspiring it is for kids when authors write to them. My kids have written to a few authors and received responses, and it always has a big impact.

    • It was definitely inspiring for me…though I haven't written that fantasy novel yet. Maybe I'll still get around to it.

  4. Wow, everybody is talking about how excited they are about tweets or follows (including myself) and here you are with a while LETTER. Kudos to you!

    • This was the only one I ever wrote. I was too afraid to bother them. Now I realize it must be a pleasure for them to get sincere letters from children (as opposed to rote requests for book report information).